Yixing Gaiwan
Yixing Gaiwan

Yixing Gaiwan


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A traditional Chinese way of brewing tea is with a Gaiwan, which means covered bowl.

The lid is a very important part, not to say decisive. It is not just a regular lid but also functions as a strainer. This means that you brew the tea directly in the Gaiwan and then can choose to drink it directly from it or decant the brew into other cups. Even when you drink the tea directly from the cup, you can use the lid as a strainer to prevent the tea leaves from slipping down. The addition of the third element – ​​the barrel, is also a very practical solution. It facilitates handling by not having to hold the hot cup directly.

Black tea is not quite as smooth to drink in a Gaiwan due to the difficulty of straining out really small tea leaves. However, Gaiwan is made for green teas and is equally suitable for oolong and white teas. You brew your tea as usual, straight into the cup and the only thing you may need to practice a little is the actual thumb grip to keep the lid in place when you drink.

This Gaiwan is made on yixing clay from the city of Yixing in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. They are highly valued in China.

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