Terms of Use

These purchase conditions (the "Agreement" below) are adapted for sales on the Internet (distance trade). E.W.C Scandinavia AB (Organization number: 556217-0513) is the selling party. The purchasing party is referred to as the “Customer” in this Agreement. The terms of the Agreement are adapted for sales to private individuals over the age of 18 and for the sale of goods ("products" below). With us, as a customer, you can easily place an order at https://www.theteacentre.se (the "Website" below). You as a customer are given the opportunity to accept these terms in connection with your order. Terms or parts thereof in this Agreement that deviate from mandatory legislation are without effect to the extent that the deviation is not to the benefit of the customer. This provision only applies if the customer is a private person and the purchase is for private consumption.

Once you have placed your order, we will email you an order confirmation, provided you have provided us with your email address. When the order is then packed and sent, we email a receipt. This will happen on the days we ship orders, Tuesdays and Fridays. If for any reason we are unable to ship all the items in your order, we will inform you as soon as possible. If we have already received payment for such an order, we will refund the current amount for that item(s) using the same payment method you used when placing your order. However, not after we have sent a receipt.

Each order must amount to at least a total of SEK 1.00 (after deductions for discounts). These terms and conditions apply to the purchase and delivery of any item(s) traded on the Website.

A customer who has purchased a product as a private person has the right to complain about the product if it is incorrect according to the Consumer Purchase Act (1990:932) and the Consumer Services Act (1985:716). The right to complain covers original defects and is valid for 3 years from when the customer received the product. The right to complain also covers errors that occurred during transport of the product to the customer. (see  Transport damage claim below). A product that deviates from what has been agreed between the customer and E.W.C Scandinavia AB or is otherwise faulty can also be considered faulty. Faults arising  due to damage caused by the customer do not count as original faults.

If the customer complains about a faulty product after 6 months from when the customer received the product in their possession, the customer is also responsible for proving that the fault in the product was original. E.W.C Scandinavia AB therefore always recommends examining products when they are delivered and reporting any errors as soon as they are discovered. In the event of a complaint about a faulty product, you as a customer have the right in the first place to have the fault rectified, alternatively a fault-free product. In some cases, you also have the right to cancel the contract and get back what you paid. In the event of an approved complaint, the customer must be indemnified for any costs that arise due to the complaint. As an example, costs for returning a faulty product must be reimbursed by E.W.C Scandinavia AB. Note that you as a customer must minimize any costs that arise in the event that a product turns out to be faulty as much as possible. In the event of a complaint, each party shall without undue delay return what it has received, in the event that E.W.C Scandinavia AB is to undertake delivery, the customer has the right to keep the faulty product in his possession until he has received delivery of a fault-free product.

Contact details for complaints Phone: 08 640 42 10.