<tc>Darjeeling Turzum "Mystic" First Flush 2024</tc>
<tc>Darjeeling Turzum "Mystic" First Flush 2024</tc>

Darjeeling Turzum "Mystic" First Flush 2024


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Experience the exquisite Turzum DJ-10 Mystic First Flush 2024—vibrant floral aroma, delicate muscatel flavour, and hints of umami. Elevate your tea moments with this exceptional Darjeeling treasure.

Nestled in between the charming hills of Darjeeling, the Turzum Tea Estate stands as a shining gem in India’s distinguished tea gardens. Established back in the 1860s, Turzum forms a part of the well-known Sungma-Turzum estate, acclaimed for its fine teas. The estate lies at an altitude varying from 1100 to 1700 metres, benefiting from the unique microclimate of the Himalayas. The crisp air of the mountains, nutritious soil, and untouched natural springs form a picturesque setting for growing top-notch tea.

The green and lush landscape of Turzum is crisscrossed with winding paths and aged trees, offering a quiet and calm ambiance. Historically, Turzum has gained recognition for its adherence to traditional tea-making techniques while also embracing sustainable methods. This blend of heritage and innovation is evident in the top-notch quality of its teas.

We hereby present our new product, the Turzum DJ-10 Mystic First Flush 2024! "DJ-10" represents the batch we are presenting, considered one of the finest of this harvesting season. This seasonal delight enthrals the senses with its lively, flowery scent and subtle muscatel flavour. Each sip brings forth the essence of the Himalayan foothills, providing a rejuvenating and refreshing experience.

The Turzum DJ-10 Mystic First Flush 2024 stands out due to its distinct taste profile. On the palate, it offers intriguing hints of kale and broccoli, alongside subtle touches of umami that enhance its depth. The flavour is both invigorating and savoury, offering a layered tasting experience. To the olfactory senses, it unveils a richer, more robust scent of freshly mown grass, reminiscent of the lush, green landscapes it belongs to.

Harvested at the pinnacle of the season, this first flush tea showcases the sophistication and elegance that Turzum Tea Estate is globally acclaimed for. Each cup not only provides a taste of exceptional quality but also a link to the deep heritage and natural beauty of Darjeeling's premier tea gardens. Savour a cup and immerse yourself in the tradition and excellence of Turzum Tea Estate!

För detta te föreslår vi att du provar den västerländska bryggningsstilen. Tanken bakom denna teknik är att använda färre blad och mycket mer vatten, medan bryggtiden blir längre för att extrahera så mycket av smaken som möjligt på en och samma gång.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
Region Darjeeling
Årstid Mars
Kultivar AV2 Clonal
Höjd 1100 m