1001 Natt 100g
1001 Natt 100g

1001 Night


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Our 1001 Nights tea blend is an irresistible taste experience that takes you on a journey through the rich flavors of the Middle East. This unique tea blend is a combination of black and green tea, the flavors of which are carefully selected to create a perfect balance.

When you smell 1001 Natt tea blend, you will discover a seductive aroma of passion fruit and lime, dancing around your nose. The taste is full and rich, with a softness that comes from the green tea and a deeper, more robust flavor that comes from the black tea.

We recommend serving this tea hot to really experience the flavors. But if you want a cooling drink, you can also enjoy it as an iced tea. To enhance the taste, you can serve it with a piece of dark chocolate or a piece of fruit.

Our 1001 Nights tea blend is perfect for anyone who wants to experience new flavors and feel as if they are taking a journey through the rich cultures of the Middle East. Order your bag today and experience the flavors of 1001 Natt.

For this tea, we suggest you try the Western brewing style. The idea behind this technique is to use fewer leaves and much more water, while the brewing time is longer to extract as much of the flavor as possible at once.

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