<tc>Darjeeling Liza Hill "Flowery Clonal Organic" First Flush 2024</tc>
<tc>Darjeeling Liza Hill "Flowery Clonal Organic" First Flush 2024</tc>

Darjeeling Liza Hill "Flowery Clonal Organic" First Flush 2024


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Indulge in Liza Hill 2024 First Flush "Flowery Clonal"—light gold, fragrant with floral and tropical notes. Enjoy the exceptional, organic Darjeeling tea, ethically produced for true connoisseurs.

Nestled in the serene elevations of Darjeeling, Liza Hill Tea Estate is renowned for producing premium Darjeeling teas. Originally known as Tshering Bagan when founded by the British in the early 1900s, this estate is a beacon of tea cultivation excellence. Named after the daughter of the original British property manager, Liza Hill is a testament to the region's rich heritage and beloved figure who cherished the beauty. Situated at an altitude ranging from 700 to 1400 metres, the estate benefits from perfect climatic conditions to produce exceptional teas. 

Liza Hill Tea Estate divided into two prominent divisions, Risheehat and Liza-Hill, both celebrated for its exquisite teas. The estate’s commitment to quality and sustainability is underscored by Fair Trade and EU Organic certifications, ensuring the teas produced, processed, and transported under stringent ethical and environmental standards. This dedication results in high-quality, ethically produced teas that delight true tea enthusiasts.

Introducing the Liza Hill 2024 First Flush SFTGFOP1 DJ-01 "Flowery Clonal" EKO, an EU certified organic tea that embodies the pinnacle of Darjeeling craftsmanship. This tea is distinguished by light gold appearance and vibrant, fruity tones. The aroma is fragrant, reminiscent of white lily and honeysuckle, with delicate hints of muskmelon.

The cup boasts a light body and exceptionally smooth texture, with fresh floral nuances that enchant the palate. Upon sipping, you are greeted by the delightful aroma of white lilies and honeysuckle, which intensify to infuse the cup with sweet, floral essence. Amidst these floral notes, hints of ripe tropical fruits like muskmelon, intertwined with subtle honeyed tones, lend a gentle, mellow quality to the liquor. Towards the finish, subtle spring-green accents with underlying citrusy hints linger, leaving a distinguished impression on the palate.

Experience the sophisticated character of the "champagne of teas" with Liza Hill 2024 First Flush SFTGFOP1 DJ-01 "Flowery Clonal" EKO. This single estate tea is a wonderful choice for the true tea enthusiast, offering a cup that reflects the rich legacy and natural beauty of Darjeeling's finest tea gardens. Enjoy the essence of Liza Hill and indulge in a tea that is as ethically produced as it is exceptional in quality.

För detta te föreslår vi att du provar den västerländska bryggningsstilen. Tanken bakom denna teknik är att använda färre blad och mycket mer vatten, medan bryggtiden blir längre för att extrahera så mycket av smaken som möjligt på en och samma gång.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
Region Darjeeling
Årstid Mars
Kultivar AV2 Clonal
Höjd 1100 m