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Terms and Conditions

These terms of purchase (“the Agreement” below) are adapted for internet sales (distance trading). E.W.C  Scandinavia AB (Company registration: 556217-0513) is the selling party. The Buying Party is referred  to as the “Customer” in this Agreement. The terms of the Agreement are adapted for sale to individuals  over the age of 18 years and for the sale of goods (“products” below). With us, you as a customer can  easily make an order at (“Website” below). You as a customer will be able to  accept these terms in connection with your order. Terms or parts thereof in this Agreement that deviate  from mandatory legislation are ineffective in so far as the deviation is not for the benefit of the Customer.  This provision applies only if the customer is a private individual and that the purchase concerns private  consumption.

Once you have placed your order, we will send you an order confirmation, provided you have provided us  with your e-mail address. When the order is then packed and sent, we will send a receipt. This will  happen the days we send away orders, Tuesdays and Fridays. If for any reason we cannot ship all items in  your order, we will inform you as soon as possible. If we have already received payment for such an  order, we will refund the current amount of the item (s) using the same payment method you used when  making your order. But not after we sent out your receipt.

Each order must amount to at least 1.00SEK (after deduction of discounts).

These terms and conditions apply to purchases and deliveries of goods / goods traded on the Site.

Products are delivered directly to the address you provided when ordering, alternatively through agents in  cooperation with our logistics partners. E.W.C Scandinavia AB sends orders on weekdays. Prices quoted in SEK include VAT with 12% and 25%, excluding shipping fee. Orders can only be made  by persons over the age of 18 who are not under guardianship. Please note that these terms are valid for  purchases within Sweden and internationally from the Website.

§3.1 Shipping cost

The total shipping cost of an order is shown in the checkout:

– Shipping cost in Sweden is 59,00 SEK including VAT 25% up to 10kg.

– Shipping costs outside Sweden (international) are shown in the checkout and are calculated on a  volume basis.

– Any additional costs such as customs fees or duties applicable to the country of delivery will be borne by the customer themselves.

If the delivery times listed below are not applicable to a purchase and if a delivery period is not  specifically agreed outside this agreement, E.W.C Scandinavia AB undertakes to deliver delivery without  undue delay, but no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the agreement. In case the customer is to  pay in advance, E.W.C Scandinavia AB reserves the right to wait for payment before delivery begins. If  your delivery address is in a residential area without a normal bridge connection, delivery time may be  extended by 2-3 weekdays.

We only ship via DHL’s agents and DHL home delivery. You choose the delivery method at checkout when  completing your order. If for any reason we are late with your delivery or cannot ship all items in your  order within the agreed time, we will inform you as soon as possible. Please enter a new delivery date. If  we have already received payment for your order, we will refund the current amount of the item (s) using  the same payment method you used when making your order, but not after we sent your receipt. The site  does not apply partial deliveries. When your order is completed, the amount of goods sent will be  charged. Once the goods have left our warehouse, you will receive a receipt for you by e-mail. On this  receipt, your shipping ID is available to search for your package on DHL’s website. When  your package arrives at your place of delivery or the specified address, you are notified by SMS. If you  did not enter your mobile number, you will be notified via email. You can also use your shipping ID  together with valid credentials to pick up your package. According to DHL’s rules, only you  are the recipient who can pick up the package. If you are a representative and collect a package for  someone else’s account, you must also show your credentials.

We offer Adyen as payment method. After identification at checkout, Adyen  shows the payment options that can be offered to you. You usually choose the desired payment option  after completing your purchase. We meet the requirements for PCI DSS.

§5.1 Payment options 

Current payment options currently available on the website:

– Card payment (through Adyen)

Card payment with Adyen card payment, you can pay with VISA, Mastercard and American Express.  The card is charged in conjunction with orders. Adyen handles card information and is authorized by PCI  DSS certification to ensure that the card’s card data is transferred and stored safely in encrypted form.

For repayment of cancellation rights: You as the consumer are entitled to recover the money in case of  withdrawal within 14 days from the date of receipt of the return notification. However, the consumer may  have to wait until the goods have returned or until the consumer has provided proof that the goods are  returned, whichever occurs first.

If you are paid by card, the money is returned for return to the card. You pay only for the goods you  retain, as well as the shipping fee and return fee.

This package will be left for 14 days at DHL’s agent from the date you are notified that your  package is available for download. Then, it will be returned to our warehouse. For unpatched packages,  the Website reserves the right to charge the customer 150.00SEK for shipping fee, return and handling  costs.

Note: This clause is only applicable for non food related goods and/or products.
Right of access Customers who conclude this agreement as a private person are entitled to withdraw from  the agreement in accordance with law (2005: 59) on distance contracts and agreements outside business  premises. The right of withdrawal is not applicable to customers who entered into this agreement as a  trader. The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days (withdrawal period), the time is counted from the date  when you as a customer have received delivery. The right of withdrawal entitles the customer to  investigate the goods and return them in case the customer regrets his purchase. Once the customer has  withdrawn from his purchase, he / she has the right to recover what he / she has paid, provided that the  customer has not used the products to a greater extent than is necessary to investigate them. When using  the right of withdrawal, the customer shall notify E.W.C Scandinavia AB and return all products that the  order covers to E.W.C Scandinavia AB without undue delay, but no later than 14 days. On return, the  customer must pay the return fee. When the customer has notified that he is using his right of withdrawal,  E.W.C Scandinavia AB will make a refund without undue delay, but no later than 14 days, provided that  E.W.C Scandinavia AB received the products returned by the customer or if the customer submitted proof  of return. Refunds are made using the same payment method as the customer used to the extent that it is  technically possible. Any impairment deductions and deductions for shipping if the customer has chosen  alternative than standard freight may be made on the refund. In that case, orders have been made for  invoice not yet paid, the invoice will be shredded. Should you return as a customer fewer products than  the order includes, only the product value of the products you return will be refunded. Damage to product packaging in case the product packaging is missing or exhibits such damage that it  cannot be reused: 100% in depreciation value.

Some products are exempted from the right of withdrawal by law (2005: 59) on distance contracts and  agreements outside business premises: -Products that are likely to be destroyed, consumed or significantly  deteriorated during the cancellation period. Procedure for withdrawal. Use the contact details below to  notify E.W.C Scandinavia AB of your wish to undo the purchase. The following forms can also be used  as a template for cancellation. Click here to get to the form on the Consumer Agency website. Contact  information EWC Scandinavia AB, Hornsgatan 46, 118 21 Stockholm, Telephone: 08 640 42 10.

When returning products or materials to EWC Scandinavia AB, the products must be packed in such a  way that they are protected during transport. E.W.C Scandinavia AB therefore recommends that you  always pack products in the same way and with the same packaging as when the products were delivered  to you. In case you have packaged or packed products in a substandard way and the product is damaged  during transport to E.W.C Scandinavia AB, you as a customer also bear responsibility for the damage.  When returning products to E.W.C Scandinavia AB you are responsible for the products reaching E.W.C  Scandinavia AB in undamaged condition. EWC Scandinavia AB recommends that the customer use  traceable shipment when returning. EWC  Scandinavia AB repays the money without unnecessary delay in the use of the right of cancellation or if a  refund has been made in a complaint. Return Address:

EWC Scandinavia AB

Hornsgatan 46

11821 Stockholm, Sweden

Customers who purchased a product as a private individual is entitled to advertise the product if it is  incorrect according to the Consumer Act (1990: 932) and the Consumer Services Act (1985: 716). The  right of claim covers original defects and is valid for 3 years after the customer has received the product.  The right of claim also covers errors that occurred during transport of the product to the customer. (See  Damage Damage Claims below). A product that differs from what has been agreed between the customer  and E.W.C Scandinavia AB or otherwise shows errors may also be considered as incorrect. Damage  caused by damage caused by the customer is not considered as a source of origin. If the customer  advertises an incorrect product after 6 months of receipt of the product, the customer also has the  responsibility to prove that the defect in the product was original. E.W.C Scandinavia AB therefore  always recommends to investigate products when delivered and address any errors as soon as it is  discovered. In the event of a complaint with the wrong product, you as a customer are primarily entitled  to rectify the error, or an error-free product. In some cases, you also have the right to cancel the contract  and recover what you paid. In the event of a complaint, the customer shall be held liable for any costs  arising from the complaint. For example, costs for returning an incorrect product should be replaced by  E.W.C Scandinavia AB. Note that as a customer, you should minimize any costs incurred in the event that  a product proves to be incorrect. In the event of complaint, each party shall return without undue delay  what it has received, in case EWC Scandinavia AB is to undertake delivery, the customer is entitled to  retain the defective product until it has received the delivery of a defective product. Contact information in case of complaints Phone: 08 640 42 10.

For all card transactions, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is applied. Transactions are encrypted. We always  check the validity of the card and that there is coverage on the purchase price. The site reserves the right  to refuse card purchases.

Note that we use cookies for functionality in the cashier and for collecting visitor statistics. So, in order to  place an order, the browser you use must be set to allow temporary cookies and 3rd party cookies. If this  is not the case, the settings must be updated.

Information such as personal data or other information or part of action that the customer will provide to  E.W.C Scandinavia AB will be stored and processed in digital format. E.W.C Scandinavia AB is  responsible for the data being stored and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The  customer’s duties will be used by EWC Scandinavia AB to enable and ensure compliance with the  Agreement as well as for the purpose of marketing by the company.

Personnel Responsible: EWC Scandinavia AB (Company registration 556217-0513) 11821 Stockholm

Customer information stored:

– Name

– Address

– E-mail address

– Telephone Number

– Buying History at EWC Scandinavia AB

The information may also be disclosed to third parties, and will be used for the purposes stated below: – Apartment partner in payment services for the purpose of ensuring fulfilment of the agreement. Registry  Extract: If you entered into this agreement as a customer as a Private person is entitled to request a  registry exemption once a year. A registry extract indicates what information is stored about you. You  request this by sending a signed request to the above postal address. If the information we have about you  is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we will of course correct them. Registration of Customer  Information: You as a customer may, upon written and signed request, have your customer information at  EWC Scandinavia AB deleted, subject to the information required to EWC Scandinavia AB shall be able  to maintain good accounting and accounting practices.

E.W.C Scandinavia AB is not responsible for any damage caused by law enforcement, government  action, war event, strike, blockade, boycott, lockout or other similar circumstance.

E.W.C Scandinavia AB

118 21 Stockholm, Sweden

VAT no. SE556217051301

Company registration. 556217-0513