Silver Needle

Warm, tropical and foresty characteristics than your average Silver Needle
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Commonly referred to as the champagne of White tea, Silver Needle or Bai Hao Yin Zhen from Fuding, Fujian province, China, has been withered a little under the sun and has a bit more warm, tropical and foresty characteristics than your average Silver Needle.

Made only from tender and fat new buds that are picked only two days of the year in early Spring and processed entirely by hand. The process to make the tea sounds incredibly simple – pluck the buds and lay them out until dry. But this simplicity means that there is no place for the farmers to hide and the tiniest factors can reduce the quality of the tea. This tea offers a higher concentration of L-theanine than other white teas, which make for a sweeter and more rounded cup of tea.


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Serving tips

For this tea we suggest trying the Western-style of brewing. The idea behind it is to use much less leaf and much more water while brewing-times are much longer to extract as much of the flavor as possible at once.

Grams / 2dl
Temperature °C
5-10 min


Region Fuding, Fujian
Season Maj 2020
Cultivar Fuding Da Bai
Elevation 700m