Marmalade Black Currant Hiram

A deliciously sweet marmalade with a hint of tanginess to round it off
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Marmalades are a perfect complement to accompany your breakfast or afternoon tea.

For Monika Naess, founder of Finesserna, taste, craftsmanship and organic ingredients are everything. Each jar is the result of a small production with carefully handpicked ingredients, selected with the utmost respect in regards to quality. Monika is devoted to the traditional craftsmanship of making marmalades in copper kettles over an open flame, which enhances the natural rich flavours without unnecessary additives. On occasion she will, however, humour herself with an unconventional recipe and the results are pure delight.

This particular Black Currant Hiram is based off a classical recipe made up of plump juicy berries and pairs particularly well with stronger cheeses, such as a Bleu d’Auvergne or a Saint Agur.

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