Jin Xuan “Milky Oolong”

The taste is light and flowery with hints of creamy notes.
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Jin Xuan (literally “Golden Daylily”) is a variety of Oolong tea developed rather late in 1980. The tea is also known as “Milky Oolong” (Nai Xiang). It originates from Taiwan. The taste is light and flowery with hints of creamy notes. This tea variety can be grown at higher altitudes and the yield is about 20% higher compared to traditional tea varieties. These circumstances make this tea one of the most popular varieties among tea farmers in Taiwan. The widely advertised milky flavour of Jin Xuan is natural and not added by flavouring. As reputed dealers we can declare whether it is a natural or flavoured oolong. A flavoured Jin Xuan can be recognized before the tea is steeped. The added flavours mask the natural tea aromas significantly. This is of course a natural Jin Xuan Oolong.


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Serving tips

For this tea we suggest trying the Gong Fu-style of brewing. The idea behind it is to use a high tea leaf to water ratio and very short infusions. By using more tea leaves and very short infusions, we extract only parts of the full flavor spectrum. This means that this way of brewing lets you taste the tea in “sections”, which makes for a much more nuanced experience. because the flavor unfolds gradually and since a lot of leaf is used, those flavors are also significantly more intense than in western-style brewing.

Grams / 2dl
Temperature °C
50 sec