Swedish honey from the island of Gotland Net. 240 Grams
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Among the serene green hills, magnificent fauna and illustrious limestone reefs of the small island of Gotland, a humble producer of high-quality honey resides. Irja Morell Persson began her passion for bees and honey when her family in 2017 moved to Gotland, an island celebrated for its quality in agriculture. Her desire to farm and produce the sweet ambrosia has resulted in a small production of single batch honey.

The honey is produced in Kappelshamn on northern part of Gotland and harvested during late summer once the bees have collected their nectar from the summer flowers and nearby alfalfa that grows nearby for animal feed.

Each bee collects and pollenates over two million flowers to provide this jar with 240g of honey. The bees have a flight radius of 3 km and the bee hives are cleverly placed among organic fields and forests. The bees collect their nectar from different plants every harvest which creates a unique character each time and does not matter that the hives are in exactly the same place as the year before.

Honey contains a variety of healthy antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory. To preserve so much of these nutrients, we recommend adding your honey to the tea once the tea has cooled a bit and is suitable in temperature to enjoy.

Irja herself loves to enjoy her honey over freshly baked bread with a little butter and cream cheese, but is also fond of adding a dash in her favourite tea.

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