Assam Hatimara CTC

The CTC method makes the tea perfectly strong and musky enough to enjoy it with cream or milk.
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Enjoying tea with a spot of milk is never wrong. However, certain teas are better suited than others. Originating from Kenya the technique of “Crush, tear, curl – (CTC)” production spread across south Asia during colonialism. CTC is a method of processing black tea in which the leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with serrated blades that crush, tear, and curl the tea into small hard granules. This exposes more cells in the leaf and consequently elevates the fermentation of the tea resulting in a stronger more full-bodied cup.

Amongst the rolling plains of Assam, India, lies the world’s first fully clonal tea estate, Hatimara Tea Estate. This particular garden produces top quality teas with amber liquor, malty notes and hints of caramelized sugar. It is a favourite among tea drinkers whose preference lies in adding a spot of milk.

For an extra indulgent cup add som sugar and a vanilla pod. A good alternative to espresso.

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Serving tips

For this tea we suggest trying the Western-style of brewing. The idea behind it is to use much less leaf and much more water while brewing-times are much longer to extract as much of the flavor as possible at once.

Grams / 2dl
Temperature °C
3-4 min


Region Assam, India
Season Summer 2020
Cultivar n/a
Elevation n/a