The most elegant, exclusive of teas, with fresh, algal aroma and a rounded sweetness.
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Gyokuro is the most elegant, exclusive and sophisticated of teas in our opinion. It should scarcely be seen as a commonplace everyday tea, but rather as something you drink as a treat. It is usually in mid- April that the tea is first harvested, which is a major occasion of celebration in Japan and among tea lovers around the world. Gyokuro is made from heavily shaded green tea. In the same way as growing Tencha (to make Matcha), the shading stops the leaves from converting Theanine to Catechins and increases the amount of Chlorophyll. The resulting high Theanine content in the tea means that you get a huge mouthful of mood enhancing umami in your cup.

This Gyokuro has been shaded for three weeks up to 90% and hand-picked (a lot of Japanese green tea is machine picked tea). The taste of this tea is something to prepare yourself for if you have not tried a quality Gyokuro before. Get ready for an intense Umami (rich and savoury) taste and super thick mouthfeel. For some people, the umami is too strong but we think that this particular Gyokuro balances the umami with herbaceous top notes.

This drink is enjoyed best without any accompanying snacks. For fine-steamed teas like this, a lower brewing temperature than normal is required.

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Serving tips

For this tea we suggest trying the Gong Fu-style of brewing. The idea behind it is to use a high tea leaf to water ratio and very short infusions. By using more tea leaves and very short infusions, we extract only parts of the full flavor spectrum. This means that this way of brewing lets you taste the tea in “sections”, which makes for a much more nuanced experience. because the flavor unfolds gradually and since a lot of leaf is used, those flavors are also significantly more intense than in western-style brewing.

Grams / 2dl
Temperature °C
1 min


Region Kyoto
Season April - May 2022
Cultivar Yabukita
Elevation 20m