Golden Yunnan “Dian Hong Cha” Organic

An overall soft taste, rounded cup with pleasant sweetness and slightly malty notes.
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Golden Yunnan, also referred to as Dian Hong Cha is a bright, reddish, full-bodied tea from the famous Yunnan province.

The Chinese name “Dian Hong Cha” is an abbreviation for teas from the province of Yunnan. “Hong” meaning red and “cha” meaning tea. What we in the west conventionally call “black tea” is referred to as “red tea” in China and Japan, because of its liquor that brews almost Mahogany-red.

This particular Golden Yunnan (Dian hong cha) is from the Pu-erh area. A mountainous region with altitudes varying from 1000 to 1200 meters above sea level. Despite the high altitude, the climate is mild, making for an extra-long growing season. The tea is harvested from March all the way through to November. Golden Yunnan is characterised by larger mature leaves, tightly twisted, mixed with golden buds, also referred to as “golden tips”. These tips result in a slight sweetness in the tea, with hints of cocoa and caramel.

The overall taste is a soft, rounded cup with pleasant sweetness and slightly malty notes. Like other Chinese black teas, it’s mild with lower amounts of tannins perfect to enjoy on its own without any milk or sweetener..

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Serving tips

For this tea we suggest trying the Western-style of brewing. The idea behind it is to use much less leaf and much more water while brewing-times are much longer to extract as much of the flavor as possible at once.

Grams / 2dl
Temperature °C


Region Pu-erh, Yunnan
Season April 2021
Cultivar Big Leaf, i.e. “Daye”
Elevation 1000 m