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Presents for your loved ones

Here are our tips to help you find the best teas to give away as a present.
Here you will find teas for the Discoverer, the connoisseur and for The Calm - or why not a package with our selected flavours?

The discoverer

For those who are curious to taste the teas of the world and get inspired. Daydreaming away to distant lands.
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The connoisseur

Naturally we have also recommended teas suitable for those who indulged in the finer things in life.
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The snuggler

To those who love the cold weather and all that comes with it. Here you will find teas that are suitable for staying inside with a cup of tea.
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The sun worshiper

For those who long for summer and want to reminisce of the sweet flavors and aromas of freshly cut grass, flowers, fruits and berries.
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The strong one

Give a strong tea to someone who likes a beverage with a punch. Full-bodied teas with sting to them.
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The calm one

For the person that enjoys their tea in the evenings, to relax and unwind and find some peace in one’s hectic day.
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Flavoured Tea

Tea has always been flavoured – with herbs, fruits, berries, flowers, and the like. At the beginning, this was often done on medical grounds, since tea was a traditional healing remedy. Some was done to obtain the fantastic taste of a particular flower or berry. Many people are not aware that most flavoured teas are made from essences. That’s the best way of enhancing the flavourings in tea.

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