Sejak Organic

Republic of Korea

Tea (Camellia sinensis) was introduced in Korea during the Shilla Dynasty (668-935). The earliest teas used were pu-erh and black tea. Later, around AD 828 tea plants or seeds where brought by Buddhist monks to Korea. During Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) and with the rise of Buddhism also the Korean tea culture prospered. Drinking tea was common on the court and among aristocrats. Tea houses and shops where widely available. When Confucianism became popular during Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910) the tea culture declined and where only maintained by a small group of Buddhist monks. Since 1980 tea culture and tea industry experiences a revival. Nowadays, tea in Korea is produced on a highly industrialized, to Japan comparable scale.


This Sejak green tea is the next best grade of Korean green tea. 100% organic made of young tealeaf buds, hand-picked and roasted in a traditional Korean technique. This fine tea is harvested during the first flush. Unlike Japanese green tea that is produced from steaming green tea leaves, it produces a roasted and savoury nutty flavour even though the green colour may be weaker than that of Japanese green tea.

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Serving suggestions

Serving Boil water no warmer than 60-70°C and pour over 2-3 spoons full of tealeaves. Let steep for about 2-3 min and enjoy. If possible try pre-heating you teacup/teapot for a better result.

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