First Flush Darjeeling 2019: Puttabong Moon Drop


Overlooking the magnificent snow-capped peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga - the world's third highest mountain range, the Puttabong Tea Estate is located at an altitude of 450 to 2000 MASL and spread across 22 km om land.

The variety that this garden plants with is a Darjeeling Clonal, Chinary Bush and Clonal Tea stock, especially developed to meet the agro-climatic conditions of the area. The garden produces Orthodox black, green tea. The mountain breeze kissed by the great Kanchenjunga makes the teas produced by this garden unique and delightful. Darjeeling First Flush teas are produced from the first harvest of the year, immediately after the spring rains, between February and mid-April. Darjeeling First Flush is also known as Spring Tea. This because the tea harvested during this period is light in appearance with a crisp flavour, a light-yellow liquor with delicate floral aromas. This year’s 2018 harvest is no exception and the tea produce a smooth liquor, mellow on the pallet. A fuller cup with stimulating quality and balanced astringency.

Puttabong - which literally means the house of green leaves has a number of distinctions to itself. Among others this is the first Tea Estate in the history of Darjeeling tea plantations, planted by the pioneering British Tea Planter Dr. Archibald Campbell in 1852. And the first tea estate to fetch the world record Price of SEK 1 276 / - Kg. for its Antique Tea in 1992.

The pure mountain air, unique soil and altitude at the Puttabong tea estate along with the utmost care and quality standards implemented by the estate owners produces the finest of Darjeeling tea appreciated by discerning connoisseurs around the world.

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