Darjeeling Phuguri First Flush 2018


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Darjeeling Phuguri First Flush 2018 is a fantastic organic tea form the Phuguri Tea Estate, situated in picturesque Mirik Valley of Darjeeling. This tea is a First Flush (the first spring plucking of the season) and was picked in spring 2018. It is a great example of a First Flush Darjeeling, having a light balanced character with wonderful floral muscatel notes and very little astringency.

Phuguri Tea Estate is well-known for producing very fine clonal teas. Clonal tea bushes are grown from hybrid clones rather than seeds. This enables the estate to very carefully control the properties of the bushes, enabling them to select the best bushes for their specific growing conditions and to achieve certain desired characteristics. Clonal tea is popular in Darjeeling and the trees differ from one estate to another. This means that clonal teas from different estates will have somewhat different characteristics particular to that estate and that clonal tea bush. It is a time consuming and difficult method of tea plant propagation but it yields very favourable results for the tea estates.

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